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Skrt scheint wieder zu laufen. Jetzt kommt CuddlySpace dran.

Skrt und CuddlySpace werden in ca. 30 Minuten nacheinander jeweils ca. 10 Minuten down sein. Update time!

Suspended a local account for propagating Reichsbürger narratives. Like, seriously?

You may notice that Skrt and CuddlySpace are a little bit slow at the moment. This will be the case for another few hours as the search indices are being rebuilt, sorry about that.

CuddlySpace is back as well. Some things may still take a little while to recover, both on Skrt and Cuddly, so please be patient.

Skrt seems to be back up and running. Please note that full-text search will take a while to work properly again. CuddlySpace will be back soon as well.

Skrt and CuddlySpace are going to have a downtime of up to an hour beginning in approximately 15 minutes.

Skrt and CuddlySpace are going to be down for about an hour (hopefully less) later today for a little bit of maintenance work. As usual, we will send out another toot ten to fifteen minutes before actually going down.

We're now running the latest Mastodon v3.1.5. 🎉

Full disclosure: Currently, 69 local accounts are suspended for spamming (bots). In addition, 9 remote accounts are silenced for spamming (bots), and one remote account is silenced for promotion of illegal activity.

@ogalb_nafets Yeah, I know. Das ist mal wieder ElasticSearch. Da hilft zurzeit leider nicht viel außer warten, bis sich die Load beruhigt. Oder es öfter versuchen, in der Hoffnung, dass es einmal durchgeht.

So I literally just spent hours trying to figure out why Skrt wasn't working. Turns out ElasticSearch was the culprit, so I disabled that for the time being, which means that full-text search is not working right now. Will solve that issue tomorrow...

Let's just pretend nothing ever happened, alright? No? Oh, well.

The server ran out of disk space, because some incompetent admin did some stupid things, which caused a long downtime. But we're back, isn't that what really matters?

We have now turned off the old server. If you are unable to read this, refresh your device's DNS cache. But if you are currently reading this, you are obviously not unable to read it, so there is no need for you to do anything.

You may run into rate limits while using Skrt at the moment - we are trying to fix this. Worst case, it'll be over in a few hours once our DNS changes have propagated to your devices.

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