people really forget how gamergate has fucked our generation beyond avail.

kids nowadays will start watching some minecraft youtuber and youtube's magical shitty algorithm will eventually throw them to the fucking hell alt-right politics are.

planning on purging my account (mainly due to a project i'm working on)

at the end nobody cares about me :P

For anyone that even cares about me:

Working on a short film and a brand new OSS license (this one is serious believe me)

Just fucking deleted USBWorld's Release 2 folder by accident. This is why you use Git and Backup services.

Speedrunning the damn thing beacuse the deadline is 16 days away

I don’t know why but coding while drinking Maccas’s coffee is empowering yet weakening

I've started working on some stuff under the Kritterhouse name the other day.
I've been thinking on working more on USBWorld (my deaddrop-like project) and make Release 2, i think the theme of this release is gonna be development or just sysadmin oriented because that's probably the easiest to make and the most interesting.

I also started a course of Linux on edX and mfs are asking me to pay or else i won't be able to continue past June. Little do they know i learned C++ in 2 days lmao


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